Welcome to Distinguished Cravat. Home of Exclusively Patterned Handcrafted Neck Attire & Accessories

With an array of vintage patterns and signature designs, “Distinguished Cravat” is poised to usher in a new era of fashionable neck apparel & accessories. With the sincere focus of reshaping people’s expectation of Quality neck attire, through preservation of classic designs & innovation of our signature products, & honor our clientele with excellent service. For Years, refined European and all-American neck attire have been imitated, rehashed, reinterpreted and reworked season after season but never before has there been neck attire as DISTINGUISHED as “CRAVAT.” This is a new, revolutionary, remixed laid back luxury brand is inspired by the “Style of a Universal Culture” that extends beyond American boarders.

Who is “Distinguished Cravat?”

Humbly, we are the future of Exclusively Patterned “Cravats,” better known as Bow Ties, & Classic Neck Attire. “Distinguished Cravat,” has garnered a respectable following thus far, our private clientele come from various walks of life. At Cravat, we appreciate our clientele, as individuals, and allowing their style to be a reflection of their personality, is our speciality. Our Clients are similar to our designs because they fit no category beside the category they create & define for themselves. “CRAVAT,” collections are style forward yet familiar, chic and prim. With historical influences we are looking forward to making history over the next 500+ years of Art, Fashion & Style. Each piece of neck attire possesses a genuine innovative quality that is a true representation of a DISTINGUISHED “CRAVAT.”

|| Product Designs: Genius Divine formerly "Kate Ross" || Photography: Dre Rice || Graphics: Christopher McLaughlin ||

©Distinguished Cravat 2012Designed by Christopher McLaughlin